Saturday, June 9, 2012


I am still amazed at how wonderful pinterest is for educational resources and ideas. Throughout my last placement I used lots of ideas from this website, and I will continue to collect ideas when I start teaching and beyond.

This is an example of a kit which I created (based on an idea from pinterest, zap it using the 100 Magic Words). This is a fantastic game for beginning readers, and was used during reading groups for students in grade one. The instructions are: Put high frequency words on sticks (these are foam sticks) and write zap it on a few sticks. The kids pull sticks from a container and read the words. If someone gets Zap It, all of the sticks go back in the bin.

Also, here are some excellent people to follow:

Suzy Brooks

Jennifer Jones

Melissa Alonzo-Dillard

Clever Classroom

Creative Teaching Press

AND me :)

Comment below about other fantastic pinterest pages!


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